New Yorkers do NOT play around when it comes to dumplings.

Oh sure, they love their bagels and their cheesecake, and they're wholly devoted to their pizza...but their love of dumplings is a curious thing.  They want them authentic, fast, and above all else, cheap.  That's really the kicker.  I recently overheard a bitter dispute in the street:  "Your dumpling place is six for three bucks?  Pfff, yeah well mine is four for a dollar!!"

The Dumpling Wars.  Each New Yorker claims to know of the very best spot.  But the truth is, folks, that there are dozens of great spots and all it takes to find one is a little Googling.

In your search, you will undoubtedly stumble upon the name Prosperity Dumpling, at 46 Eldridge Street in Chinatown.

Oh it's dirty.  It's cramped.  There are items on the menu scratched out in Sharpie.  And yes, that "Open" sign is upside down.  But you better believe you are going to get a good dumpling here.

I will now state, with the same pride and hostility of the aforementioned street quarreler, that I got eight--eight!!--vegetable dumplings for $2.00.

And wait a minute...if you're really looking to indulge, you may want to pick up one of these sesame pancakes filled with carrot sticks and cilantro for a whopping $1.25.

And there you have it: a grand total of $3.25.  Hey, big spender.

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